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Welcome to my website about the halo nevus. For the past 29 years, my name has been and still is Robert. After finding out that my wife has a few halo nevus on her back, I wanted to learn more about them. One of her first question she asked me was, “Do they increase my chances of cancer?” which is why I wrote this article, “Halo Nevus Melanoma – The Attention Seeking Risk“.  I hope the information you find her helps you too because I know it will help me. If you want check out my Page.



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  1. Reply larry Dec 26, 2013 11:16 pm


    many thanks for taking the time to write all this info. i was wondering if you knew any treatments that speed up the repigmentation of the sin after the mole has disappeared? i have been using a topical steroid but it seemingly has no effect. any help is much appreciated.


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