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Looking at models, celebrities, and magazines it would be easy to believe that everyone has perfect, unblemished skin and that halo nevus doesn’t exist. The truth is that each person has unique skin with marks, blemishes, lesions, or moles that make each unique and distinguishable from other people.

These differences can be embraced or hidden. It is unrealistic to expect to look like digitally altered images that are found in the media with smooth, perfect skin. It would be even more unrealistic to expect to find a halo nevus on the face of anyone that is in the public eye even though about 1% of the population has one or more halo nevi.

The fact is that many people have this type of mole and can accept it, but some will choose to have it removed for cosmetic reasons. Rarely are these lesions removed due to a cancer diagnosis.

Getting To know The Halo Nevus

There are myths and wives tales that will say that halo nevus is a kiss from an angel, a sign of a spiritual gift, or mark from the devil. There was even a time that moles would mean a person would be stoned to death. Presently it is known that a halo nevus is a type of mole that has depigmented skin surrounding it.

Over time, the depigmented skin will overtake the mole and eventually the skin will re-pigment leaving no sign of the halo nevus. Some of them will remain unchanged for decades or even a lifetime. Not everyone is comfortable with their halo nevus and will want to remove it, not only because they want to attain perfect skin, but also because it causes self-consciousness.

Choosing The Removal Process

For some people with this type of skin lesion, it may not be worth the risk of scarring or side effects to remove it. Some of the ways they are removed include the following:

  • Laser
  • Surgical removal
  • Excision

Though it may take longer to head in the direction of achieving the goal of having picture perfect skin, some people choose natural remedies to remove moles.

Natural Mole Removal Remedies

A halo nevus is just a mole with a little de-pigmented skin around it. Most natural mole removal procedures work on the mole. Commonly the remedies lighten the mole so that that it is less noticeable. The halo may still remain and be noticeably whiter or lighter than the surrounding skin. The immune system will continue the slow process to naturally remove the mole by the halo consuming the mole and then returning to the color of the surrounding skin. Here are a few natural remedies:

  • Over the counter creams
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Juice from onion, garlic, or pineapple
  • Dandelion root
  • Baking soda and castor oil
  • Potato slice

Natural-HomeRemedies.org  is an excellent resource for more information and is a site that is used by LiveStrong.com for reference. Before any at home remedies to remove a halo nevus, it is important to rule out skin cancer.

Skin Cancer, Melanoma, and Halo Nevus Skin Lesions

A halo nevus rarely is cancerous, but it is important if there is a risk of melanoma that it gets tested for cancerous cells. Commonly they are benign, and the body is in the process of removing the mole without incident. Biopsies of the mole will be taken if it shows signs of cancer. If there is no melanoma often, the halo nevus is left alone. For those who are uncomfortable with this type of mark of uniqueness and wish to resemble the digitally created clear skin in magazines, elective removal for cosmetic reasons may be worth the risks. There are those who allow their halo nevus to live out its life in peace.

Choosing to Accept Uniqueness

As long as the halo nevus is not cancerous and isn’t causing any other problems like catching on clothing many choose to take the mole with a halo as part of what makes them unique. A skin lesion on the face may be more difficult to accept but with an acceptance of pure beauty coming from within and the ability to accept a skin lesion as an individual part of oneself instead of an imperfection, it can be done. In the time, most halo nevus slowly and quietly disappear without treatment.


Ideally a halo nevus should just be left alone to live out its life in peace and not persecuted for interfering with the unattainable goal of perfection. Some will have an easier time of this than others. Teaching children early to take uniqueness and differences in appearance is the best place to start because a halo nevus in adolescence appears it will be a bigger challenge to convince a teen to accept this harmless skin lesion.

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  1. Reply Stefan Glover Sep 11, 2013 5:47 pm


    I began developing Halo Nevi in my late 20′s. I am now 35 and I am still getting more – I now have around 30, mostly on my trunk. I fear it might be spreading to my face as I now see a small patch on my chin where it appears all the hair is grey. I see a dermatologist annually, but he doesn’t do much about it because the issue is cosmetic and I have no other signs of skin cancers. I am now quite uncomfortable removing my shirt at the beach – what can I do about this? By the way, as a teenager, I used to tan very well, but then I took Accutane when I was 17 and ever since then, I burn in the sun. Ditto with my sister. Not sure if this is relevant.

    - Can lazer help me?
    - Can I tattoo over the nevi?


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