Removal Process For A Halo Nevus – Irreconcilable Differences

A halo nevus, which is a mole that has a halo of depigmented skin around it, is a peaceable skin lesion that can be left alone and will keep to itself not bothering anyone.

When it is left to live out its life without interference, the halo will spontaneously takeover the mole. Eventually, the non-pigmented skin will eventually return to normal color.
Sadly some people just cannot make peace with their halo nevus and others don’t have a choice because melanoma in rare cases is brought into the relationship. For others, they just don’t like the way the mole looks back at them in the mirror and want to remove the mole and the surrounding whitish skin. There are different removal processes to kick a halo nevus out of its home.

The Uninterrupted Halo Nevus

When a halo nevus, which is also known as Leukoderma Acquisitum Centrifugum, is left alone to live out its life alone and uninterrupted it often slowly and quietly creeps away. This is the process that occurs:

  • A mole (nevus) will often appear first
  • The body’s immune system will be activated
  • A ring, or halo of lighter skin around the nevus develops
  • Slowly over time the non-pigmented skin will overtake the nevus
  • The skin regains its natural color leaving no trace of the mole

The process can occur over a short or long period and it may stop changing at any point during the process. If there are any signs of melanoma, it will not be able to be left alone, and the mole with surrounding skin will need to be removed.

Treating Melanoma With Removal

It is rare that a halo nevus is cancerous, but it does occur. In the case of pre-cancerous cells treatment, it will be necessary; sometimes medications like  Zyclara or Aldara are prescribed. When there are signs of skin cancer, the mole will often need to be removed. After melanoma is removed additional treatment will begin. When a halo nevus cannot hook up with cancer, no longer will there be peace and it will be time to accept there irreconcilable differences and move-on. At this point, the process of separating and removing the halo nevus must begin.

Removal Options

Melanoma is removed the following ways:

  • Surgical removal
  • Medication
  • Removal of surrounding skin
  • Laser removal

When the cancer has spread or there is lymph node (find out more at involvement, interferon procedure may be used to make sure there is a permanent dissolution of the relationship with a cancerous halo nevus. Lymph node removal, radiation, immunotherapy, or chemotherapy may also be part of the treatment when melanoma has advanced.

When there is melanoma on the face or hands a skin graft may be necessary after the removal of the halo nevus and the cancerous skin around it. Even if there is no evidence of melanoma some people still choose to end their relationship with their halo nevus.

The Way to Kick a Halo Nevus Out

A halo nevus on the face or even the hands can be a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness. When this occurs a person may choose to have, the mole with surrounding skin removed for cosmetic reasons. As with any surgery it is important to consider the risks. The offending mole will be removed as an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. This is an operation for the eradication of a halo nevus from the skin for cosmetic reasons:

  1. Local numbing performed
  2. Incision around the mole
  3. Area cauterized to minimize bleeding
  4. Deep or surface stitches in the skin if needed
  5. Antibiotic cream applied

The procedure takes about an hour or so. There are some risks of scarring that can be more unsightly than the halo nevus and some people have allergic reactions during the procedure. All possible risks should be discussed with a healthcare professional.


The easy way out of a relationship with a halo nevus is to have it removed, but peaceable co-existence is preferred because there are no risks. In the case of melanoma and the halo nevus uniting then irreconcilable differences can be claimed, and permanent separation will be necessary. The sooner it occurs, the better.

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