It would be nice if our website, could provide all the information that you would want to learn about halo nevus but we don’t think we could. That is why we made this resource page, which is here for you to help find that information. We recommend bookmarking this page for future reference and ease.


  • Medscape: This website is an excellent source for medical references. It also uses medical terms for those who are familiar with medical vocabulary.
  • Dermatopedia: Halo nevus is among the dermatology topics that are available on this site made for patients.
  • Dermnet: A website dedicated to skin diseases and related topics like halo nevus. It has very helpful information on all skin lesions.
  • WebMD: It has an excellent slide show of various nevi and other childhood skin problems.
  • Emedicine: This site combines both simplified and more detailed information about the background, pathophysiology, and epidemiology of halo nevus.

Halo Nevus Removal

  • Natural News: News, articles, and other information about removal of moles are on this website. Moles are often on the center of a halo nevus.
  • eHow: There are many ways to remove moles without surgery and this site has a list of them with directions.
  • MoleFreeSkin: This website includes information about moles, surgical removal, natural removal, and laser removal of moles.


  • Google: Researching for images of halo nevus and links to the original articles can be done on Google. The medical websites above are also good sources for images.
  • Picsearch: Halo nevus pictures of all kinds of can be found on this site. It is a unique website because it will customize the image search by size, color, orientation, and type.


  • Amazon: There are many books on Amazon about halo nevus at great prices. The selection can be customized by price, popularity, etc.
  • Barnes and Noble: Their prices aren’t as Amazon good, but there may be more of a selection and options for formats. It is easier to find books related to skin cancer.


  • Dermnet: There are several videos about halo nevus and also other types of nevi
  • YouTube: The videos on the list include removal of halo nevus and exams of this type of mole

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